1. Download Trust Wallet for iOS or Android.
2. Create a new wallet (Be sure to save your Recovery Phase safely!)
3. With your new wallet, you can now purchase BNB (After tapping “Buy”, use Simplex, MoonPay
does NOT support BNB. Yes they ask for your Drivers License and other info, it is for tax
reasons). Remember, CESS is a token and is paired with BNB. So to buy CESS, you need to buy
4. Once BNB is purchased, you will need to Swap the BNB to the Binance Smart Chain. This
allows your BNB to be sent to MetaMask and be used to purchase CESS! What is Metamask?
See Step 6.
5. You now have Binance Smart Chain BNB. Your Wallet will show your BNB as the below symbol.
You are now done with the Trust Wallet portion for now.
6. Download the MetaMask Application for iOS and Android. Create a new Wallet for MetaMask.